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BeyGOOD Charity Celebrates a Decade of Doing Good

From scholarships to disaster relief, BeyGOOD has been a driving force in supporting marginalized communities and Black-owned businesses worldwide.

Beyonce's BeyGOOD Charity Celebrates a Decade of Doing Good
Courtesy Parkwood Entertainment

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, the iconic global entertainer, is not only known for her chart-topping hits and electrifying performances but also for her philanthropic endeavors. In 2013, she founded BeyGOOD, a charity foundation aimed at creating positive change in various aspects of society. As BeyGOOD celebrates its ten-year anniversary, it’s clear that the nonprofit organization has significantly impacted communities worldwide.

Beyoncé’s rise to stardom began in the ’90s as a member of the renowned girl group Destiny’s Child. Since then, her solo career has soared to unprecedented heights, earning her numerous accolades and record-breaking achievements. Today, she is not only a talented artist but also the Chairwoman of Parkwood Entertainment, the creator of the popular clothing brand IVY PARK, and the founder of BeyGOOD.


Over the past decade, BeyGOOD has focused on various initiatives, including disaster relief, education, housing, personal and career development, mental health, and other global efforts. The organization has continuously worked towards economic equity, supporting marginalized communities through educational scholarships, internships leading to job placement, and entrepreneurship support for business sustainability.

Through strategic partnerships and dedicated efforts, BeyGOOD has made a tangible difference in various communities. In 2014, BeyGOOD collaborated with STATE Bags to provide over 2,000 students in underfunded communities on the east coast with new backpacks for the school year. The organization also contributed to relief efforts for the Flint water crisis, Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and the devastating earthquake in Haiti.


Recognizing the importance of education, BeyGOOD launched the Homecoming Scholars Award Program in 2018, offering scholarships to students from historically Black colleges and universities. In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, BeyGOOD provided $6 million for relief efforts, focusing on medical resources, mental health services, and supporting underresourced communities.

In recent years, BeyGOOD has also championed the cause of Black-owned businesses. The organization has amplified and promoted these businesses through initiatives like The Black Parade Route and the Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund. Beyoncé’s commitment to this cause was evident when she personally donated $10,168 to a Nigerian tapas restaurant, Chuku’s, in 2023, as part of her pledge to support Black-owned businesses globally.

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As BeyGOOD celebrates its ten-year milestone, its impact and influence continue to grow. Through Beyoncé’s dedication and generosity, the organization has positively impacted countless lives and communities around the world. BeyGOOD’s commitment to social justice, economic empowerment, and supporting marginalized communities stands as a testament to the power of using one’s platform for good.

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