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Day in the Life of a PXG Club Builder

PXG takes you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at its club-building process.

PXG Club Builder final inspection
Courtesy of PXG

If you have never heard of PXG before, then let us fill you in. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) is a high-end golf equipment manufacturer that sells a line of custom-fitted golf clubs. The company was established in 2014 by entrepreneur Bob Parsons, the founder of the mammoth web hosting service GoDaddy.

With an impressive lineup of TOUR Pros and Ambassadors, PXG has become one of the most successful golf brands globally in less than a decade. PXG clubs can be pricey, and that’s because they are engineered to be customized, supporting a personalized fitting experience for every golfer, which means no two sets of PXG clubs are exactly alike.

Let’s take you through a day in the life of PXG Club Builders and see how these clubs are built. This department is where the final magic takes place – PXG equipment is made-to-spec and checked for quality and accuracy.

PXG Club Builder check over

Courtesy of PXG

According to a PXG Club Maker, “Building PXG Golf Equipment is essentially like baking cookies. Bakers follow a recipe to end up with the perfect chocolate chip cookie. In contrast, PXG Club Builders are following their ‘recipe’ to end up with the perfect equipment.”

Just as there are several steps in a recipe, there are several steps in building PXG equipment. Each step in a recipe may require a different ingredient, tool, etc. In addition, each step in the build process begins with a different employee. Here are the various courses of action that lead to producing high-quality equipment:

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This is where Club Builder #1 is checking to make sure the correct equipment was pulled from inventory, everything matches the customer order sheet, and various components are prepared for the builders next in line. Some of the prepping at this stage includes getting shaft tips ready and ferrule installation.


Club Builder #2 cuts the shaft length based on what the customer has been fitted for or specifically requested.

PXG Club Builder gluing and ferrules

Courtesy of PXG


This step is meant to tighten up the swing weights. Club Builder #3 uses a swing weight scale and tip weights to ensure the head weight is accurate based on the order spec sheet and customer fitting.

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The employee at this station is working on gluing the shafts to their prospective heads. After everything is glued into place and the shafts are correctly aligned, Club Builder #4 will put the equipment into a heating carousel, which works to dry the epoxy 3x faster than if it was drying on its own.


The finishing touches on the ferrules and tweaks to the final loft/lie take place here. Processes include spinning the ferrules, shining the ferrules, adjusting loft, and lying based on the order sheet.

PXG Club Builder gripping and weight check

Courtesy of PXG


Club Builder #6 ensures that the grip is appropriately aligned on the shaft and is at the proper length.

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At this station, the swing weight is checked once again on a swing weight scale to ensure the final product is accurate. Club Builder #7 also adjusts weights in the Drivers, Fairways, and Hybrids at this station. For example, if a draw bias was requested in the Driver, they will change the weights to favor a draw. This is possible due to our Precision Weighting Technology which supports trajectory tuning and creates the opportunity for the overall assembled head to be adjusted. After all of the above is finalized, this builder will take one more look at the order sheet to ensure the equipment has been assembled as requested. Once confirmed, the equipment moves onto the final step.

The black box

Courtesy of PXG


The equipment is now ready to be boxed and shipped! Club Builder #8 cleans the equipment, gathers any headcovers that are needed, organizes the contents, adds any needed print materials or collateral (shipping paperwork, stickers, etc.), and collects any additional products that were included in the purchase – think torque tools, weight kits, etc.

Finally, the equipment gets packed into the sexy black PXG box and shipped to your front door.

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