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Extra Butter X Adidas: Inspired by 90s “Happy Gilmore” Comedy

Streetwear and golf clash in the latest collection from Extra Butter X Adidas to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore.

Extra Butter X Adidas: Inspired by 90s Happy Gilmore
Courtesy Extra Butter

Happy Gilmore, the cult classic 1996 film, is one of Adam Sandler’s most iconic comedies, in which he triumphed as the unlikely golf hero.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore, Extra Butter and Adidas have teamed up to present a collection of on- and off-course apparel, footwear, and accessories inspired by the film’s main characters.

The official Happy Gilmore lookbook stars actor Christopher McDonald to reprise his role as the legendary Shooter McGavin and a new generation of golf talent from Roger Steele, PK Subban, and Tania Tare.

Extra Butter X Adidas: Inspired by 90s Happy Gilmore

Courtesy Extra Butter

In one of his interviews, the co-founder of Extra Butter, Ankur Amin, said, “25 years ago, a fictional character named Happy Gilmore broke the mold on what it meant to be a golfer, and we wanted to celebrate that with a unique collaboration and collection.” “Golf is growing exponentially amongst every demographic. Golfers today are more diverse, and the game is more inclusive than ever before. Golf is getting younger and breaking away from its “dad’s game” reputation as youth culture starts to embrace the sport. We wanted to be a part of this shift, bring our style to the sport, and have fun with this project.”

It’s needless to say that this collection is all about honoring classical golf apparel mixed with a little bit of modernity which appeals to golf’s emerging demographics.

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This collection is broken into three capsules to honor three different characters: Happy Gilmore, Chubbs Peterson, and Shooter McGavin. It’s evident that Adam Sandler’s classical movie “Happy Gilmore” will yet again rise from the ashes and get the attention of a whole new generation of golf fans.

Extra Butter X Adidas: Inspired by 90s Happy Gilmore

Courtesy Extra Butter

Golf is no longer a “dad game,” therefore, it certainly needed a fresh set of apparel and gear for modern golfers. One of the capsules, the “Chubbes” capsule, includes a replica of the gear that was used in the movie.

Since Happy Gilmore’s enemy is Shooter McGavin, he also finally got honored throughout this collection. Namely, the legendary Gold Jacket of his is part of the capsule. Besides the Gold Bomber Jacket, the Shooter Ultraboost 1.0 kicks are also included in the capsule. These kicks will, without a doubt, be a huge hit this season.

Extra Butter X Adidas: Inspired by 90s Happy Gilmore

Courtesy Extra Butter

On the other hand, Happy Gilmore’s capsule is very similar to Adam Sandler’s clothing in real life. Timeless, comfortable streetwear pieces are included. But, the Adidas Adilette Boost Slides will definitely catch the attention of both golfers and non-golfers. Gilmore’s capsule is also featured with graphic shirts, cooler bags, and different kinds of sweatpants.

Ankur Amin also mentioned that “This is our most ambitious collaboration to date. It’s our first project with multiple brand partners and a multi-layered marketing plan. It’s sure to wow our consumers. I’m very proud of our team for their efforts and grateful to Adidas and our other partners for this opportunity.” It’s important to mention that Extra Butter also teamed up with Seamus Gold, Vice Golf, Asher Golf, and Phat Scooters to design the collection. From its looks, these guys for sure did a great job while creating the whole collection.


Courtesy Extra Butter

Extra Butter is a premiere New York boutique and independent lifestyle label. With a location in New York City’s – Lower East Side, Extra Butter has built a unique name for itself with its novel approach to eyeing essential products and trends. The brand has become a global presence through its special projects and collaborations with top-tier fashion and sportswear brands.

The whole Extra Butter X Adidas collection is available on Extra Butter’s online store.

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