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1896 GOLF, a new digital and print media venture dedicated to reporting on the culture and contributions of golfers of color, honors the 125th Anniversary of African American golf trailblazer John Matthew Shippen Jr., America’s first golf professional, with a special digital issue and podcast on July 22.

ATLANTA, GA: Media 19 LLC today announced 1896 GOLF, its new multi-platform media and publishing venture devoted to chronicling the culture and contributions of Black, Indigenous, and People-of-Color (BIPOC) across the burgeoning golf industry. Participation and interest in golf by BIPOC is on the rise in the U.S. and 1896 GOLF fills the void in this vital segment long ignored by mainstream golf media.

Coined in honor of the legacy of golf pioneer John Shippen, 1896 GOLF will mark its official debut with a special podcast episode on July 22, 2021. The premiere episode will honor the 125th Anniversary of John Shippen’s historic participation in the U.S. Open of 1896. Shippen is recognized as the nation’s first golf professional and the first African American to play in the U.S. Open.

The first monthly podcast episode will be hosted by 1896 GOLF co-founders Tarek DeLavallade and Ian Paul Lawrence. The duo will discuss the vision of 1896 GOLF media and the legacy and significance of John Shippen’s trailblazing golf career with special guests Pete McDaniel, author of Uneven Lies; Thurman and Ruby Simmons, Directors of The John Shippen Memorial Golf Foundation; and other special guests.

“The golf industry so many of us enjoy and benefit from today is deeply rooted in Black history and culture,” said Media 19 LLC President and 1896 GOLF co-founder Ian Paul Lawrence. “But, until now, there’s been no prominent digital media source focused on supporting and celebrating the many contributions People-of-Color are making to move the industry forward. To have true social equity in golf, you first need an equal share of voice. We founded 1896 GOLF as a must-read cultural hub and content mecca highlighting the Black experience and excellence in golf.”

From the legacy of Black golf pioneers to chronicling the inspiring stories of modern golf influencers and players competing professionally on tour and at HBCUs, 1896 GOLF will highlight the latest news on all facets of the golf industry and lifestyle, including fashion, travel, courses, product reviews, events and more. Celebrities, star athletes, entrepreneurs, and music moguls play the game and will be featured on 1896 GOLF alongside trends within the game’s culture and charitable golf community.

“1896 GOLF exists because the complexion of the golfer in America is changing, and the business of golf and media needs to evolve and reflect that change,” DeLavallade said. “1896 GOLF will provide a refreshing new perspective and voice on golf news and lifestyle in the digital era.”

For more information, visit: 1896 GOLF podcast information page here.

About 1896 GOLF

1896 GOLF honors the past and embraces the game’s future by equipping and engaging today’s diverse golf communities through premium multi-platform content and events. The brand’s media portfolio will include website, a flagship print magazine, podcasts, videos, newsletters, an extensive social media presence, and e-commerce. Learn more at

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Founded in 2007 by Ian Paul Lawrence, Media 19 LLC is a digital media and publishing company based in Atlanta, GA, focusing on content creation, digital marketing, e-commerce, online and print magazines, and experiential events. Find out more at

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