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Representation Matters: African American Presence in Golf

There is a growing push to increase the representation of African Americans in golf, promoting greater diversity and inclusion in the sport.

Representation Matters
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The sport of golf has long been associated with exclusivity and a lack of diversity, particularly when it comes to the representation of African American men and women. However, in recent years, there has been a focus on greater representation and diversity in the golf industry, with a focus on increasing the number of African Americans in leadership positions, golf courses, and professional tours.

Social Implications

One of the main drivers of this push for diversity is the recognition that the lack of representation in golf has broader social implications. When certain groups are excluded from participating in a sport or industry, it can perpetuate societal inequities and limit opportunities for upward mobility. By working to increase the representation of African Americans in golf, the industry can help to break down these barriers and promote greater social and economic equality.

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Leadership Positions

One of the key areas where efforts have been made toward diversity is in leadership positions within the golf industry. Historically, white men have dominated these positions, contributing to a lack of diversity throughout the sport. However, organizations such as the PGA of America have launched initiatives to increase the representation of underrepresented groups in leadership positions, including African Americans. For example, the PGA of America’s Diversity and Inclusion team is working to create pathways for underrepresented individuals to become PGA Members and leaders in the industry.

Making  Progress

Most recently, Fred Perpall became the first Black president of the United States Golf Association (USGA). He was elected in February 2023 and began his three-year term leading the USGA Executive Committee. Perpall’s election as president of the USGA is a historic moment for the game of golf, and it is a sign of progress and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Perpall’s leadership will help to make the game of golf more accessible and welcoming for all.

Representation Matters

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Welcome to the Club

Another area where the diversity movement is taking place is in golf courses themselves. Many golf courses have been criticized for being exclusive and unwelcoming to people of color, with some even facing lawsuits over allegations of racial discrimination. However, there are efforts underway to make golf courses more accessible and inclusive for all. For example, the USGA has launched the “RISE Initiative” program. The RISE Initiative is a multi-year effort to increase diversity and inclusion in golf. The initiative includes a number of programs and initiatives, such as the USGA’s First Tee/USGA Youth Golf Alliance, the USGA’s RISE Scholarship Program, and the USGA’s RISE Mentorship Program.


Finally, there is also an effort to increase the participation of African Americans in professional golf tours, such as the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. Historically, there have been very few African Americans competing at the highest levels of professional golf, but this is starting to change. For example, professional golfer Cameron Champ has emerged as a rising star on the PGA Tour and has become a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the sport.

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By providing more opportunities for African American men and women to participate in various aspects of the golf industry, we can help to level the playing field and create a more fair and just society.

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