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Tyler Ki-Re is Capturing Beauty with Golf at New Angles and Ranges

Photographer Tyler Ki-Re is among a new wave of creatives pushing the boundaries and giving new life to the old sport of golf.

Tyler Ki-Re is Capturing Beauty with Golf
©Tyler Ki-Re

New York-based fashion and beauty photographer Tyler Ki-Re recalls enjoying the game of golf in her early life, hitting balls on the range with her father, and playing mini-golf for fun. Tyler grew up in a small town in the upstate region of New York, just a few short hours away from the vibrant city. Still, the rustic, natural surroundings of the countryside have always influenced her. As a daughter of an actor and a painter, there was much inspiration from the arts and entertainment industries.

Less than two years ago, Tyler began her photography journey after photographing a friend and was intrigued by the results. Tyler stuck with her interest in photography of people, studying digital media, and concentrating on creative directing. She’s been perfecting her craft since. Her primary focus is bridging fashion and editorial concepts with everyday activities and scenery.

Tyler is influenced by the works of legendary African-American fashion photographer Gordon Parks and the artistry of photographer and director Renell Medrano. It has only taken her a short time to reach the heights in her career that she could have ever imagined. Being committed to honing her skills while building her portfolio with new concepts, Tyler has turned her camera to the sport of golf.

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I first came across Tyler’s stunning photographs on her Instagram page @TylerKi-Re. With golf emerging as “the” stylish sport for everyone, Tyler has cleverly incorporated and redefined the sport as a background medium to her art. Tyler believes that golf and fashion can happily coexist. “I think golf already is involved in fashion. I believe fashion is involved in everything, especially many sports,” says Tyler.

Tyler’s latest golf-inspired photo shoot, captured at the historic Mechanicville Golf Club in Mechanicville, NY, depicts two very tall picturesque women playfully enjoying a round of golf in stylish attire. Beautifully executed, her unique angular technique gives the women a bold, larger-than-life perspective against the unvarying green backdrop of the golf course and dramatic blue sky. Her captivating images are among a new wave of fascinating takes on what is happening in golf today, powered by social media.

As a creative influencer, Tyler shares that her work prioritizes capturing women in everyday environments and making it editorial. As golf expands its territory, Tyler’s vision gives new life to an old sport. It pushes the boundaries and addresses the vital role and image of Black women in moving golf and fashion culture forward.


  • Photographer/Creative Director: Tyler Ki-Re @tylerkire
  • Models: Destini Harris @destinii.harris, Aniah Rose @aniahrose
  • Hairstyling: @lurissaingridhair
  • Location: Mechanicville Golf Club, NY


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